Email Marketing

Dobermann MarComm will help empower your business' online communication needs and we will help get you started once you sign up.

​Start a newsletter for your web site or business today. Send personalized text or HTML messages, RSS feeds, and surveys from any computer, and automatically keep track of your subscriptions. Broadcast your message to all subscribers with one click.

Data Base Marketing

Are you currently spending $20 to make $1? Is your client list showing up in your prospect list? Marketing Communications will identify who to target and ensures a positive rate of investment. 


Advertising utilizes all of the Marketing Communications platforms. Results from advertising affects all aspects of marketing communications. Do you currently measure your advertising effectiveness? Ensure your image, product/service and message is understood by your market. Increase your bottom line by advertising where it is noticed. From the advertising plan, contracting, placement, to design and copy, Dobermann MarComm will aggressively implement this platform.

Marketing Services printing services

Promotional Materials

More than just stocking stuffers, effective promotional products create an opportunity for new and continued business relationships. Quality -- Pens, Highlighters, Shirts, Clocks, and Miscellaneous Novelties are available through Dobermann MarComm. 

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Direct Marketing

From post cards to premium mailings, for a small price you can get your foot in the door. Direct Marketing produces positive results for rate of investment and rate of objectives increasing both brand identity and sales leads. Snail mail works!

Public Relations

Public Relations acts as the liaison between your organization and its public. Let your public know who, what, when, where, why, how and most importantly...what is important about you. Inform and prove your value.

Special Events & Sales Seminars

Special events are not parties. And sales seminars are not boring. Make sure your objectives are in place for a positive rate of investment. From location, logistics, catering, lodging, promotions and the marketing plan itself, Dobermann MarComm can coordinate all aspects of this platform. When implemented correctly, you will find an aggressive way to create new sales opportunities while retaining current clients. 

Marketing is something to think about and work on every single day. 

Implementing objectives a few times a year is not marketing. 

Marketing MUST be woven into the fabric of daily business routines.   

 -- The Marketing Mindset

Customer Relationship Marketing

If you have clients, obviously someone thought you had something of value. Why not let them know about the added benefit of doing business with you? This is where you maximize your 80-20 rule. 

Graphic Design & Logo Creation

Dobermann MarComm brings you multiple years of graphic design experience. A proven track record of customer satisfaction and the ability to create and design on numerous graphic software programs has proven to be an asset to organizations both externally and internally. By implementing fresh design and copywriting, your logo and marketing collateral will be heard, seen, and most importantly, remembered.  Logo Design Process & Pricing.

With Dobermann MarComm, you get the fastest, easiest, most complete

business planning and marketing solutions all in one package. We use more than just software that creates a business plan, we implement true marketing knowledge that will produce bottom line results.

Our Business Plan format is recognized by leading banks, lenders, investors, and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). We will walk you through the entire planning process and generate a complete, professional and ready to distribute plan with a proven formula for success. 

Creating a business plan is not just for start-ups. Take your business to the next level with our marketing platform tools. Track your results and manage your business better by comparing your actual numbers to the figures you projected in your plan. These tools help you better manage your profits, expenses and cash flow. 

Start planning today! It's not about the final destination ... but the journey.

Brand Identity

Whether you want to increase awareness of a specific product/service or your company itself...everything is in a name and look. Will your name, look and tag line be retained? From creation to consulting, Dobermann MarComm can ensure your identity is one of value to your market. 

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E-Commerce & Web Site Solutions 

Although two separate disciplines, when properly implemented together, your web-site is as important as your business phone lines, fax and personal computers. If you implement a web page, why not give your market an opportunity to purchase? Let your web page bring you leads, opportunity and bottom line results.

Attaining high rankings at the top search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other new engines can give your business a big boost in traffic and sales. But, how can you achieve these top search engine rankings?

Higher Rankings translates into Higher Traffic!

Trade Shows & Conventions

Your competitors, clients, prospects and the trade media will all be there, will you? Are you going to “show up” or are you going to brand yourself in your market? A specific marketing plan for this platform will create positive return on objectives. More importantly, when implemented aggressively, a positive rate on investment will be achieved as well. Make 120 cold calls in one day, generate leads and create opportunity. From pre-show, at-show to post show, Dobermann MarComm has the total trade show and convention solution. 

Pricing & The Marketing Plan

Dobermann MarComm’s objective is to 
Bring More Business to Your Business. A partnership is not just theory for us, it is the way we do business. Together, true value will be communicated to your market producing bottom line results.  You can't move your business forward without a road map for success. 

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Ever wonder how some websites are shown on Page One of the search engine results? The websites that do appear on Page One get thousands of visitors while those on deeper pages get the leftovers. Are you looking for an easy and fast way to boost your web site's search engine rankings and traffic? When someone searches Google for a keyword related to your site's products or services, does your web site appear in the top 10 results, or does your competition?


1. Research the keyword phrases for your campaign (client input & software)
SPECIAL NOTE: We optimize 300 keyword phrases for every customer, not 15 as others do.
2. Establish 2,000+ relevant, One Way links from other websites (not damaging reciprocals)
3. Create a dynamic sitemap page where your SEO pages are launched.

4. Build several weblogs that are clones of your website, setup RSS feeds
5. Notify 30 search engines about item 4
6. Develop an update procedure to update items 3,4,5 with new material
7. Place your website link on 1+ million links pages of affiliated websites
8. Create a "Hosted Marketing Page" of your home page on 100+ high ranking webs.
9. SEO Copywriting. Build 300+/- new "keyword" pages matching your design.
10. Setup a "deep link" program of external links pointing to your internal pages
11. Develop a custom daily update routine for our SEO staff for your website
12. Send you detailed monthly reports to monitor your website progress
13. Obtain add'l 1000 incoming links to your website from 1000 popular directories.
14. Submit your Press Release, up to 12 times per year, to 500+ newswire websites. (you submit simple one page press releases to us)
15. Submit topic related articles about your business, to 500 article publishing websites. (you submit industry related articles to us)
16. Create an additional 2 to 3 offsite weblogs of your website, and notify SEOs
17. Social Book mark your website to build link popularity.
Bonus Point: We have created several dynamic modules that produce thousands of keyword-rich pages to your website. We will install these periodically as your page one ranking grows.

Simple implementation, simple pricing: $489 per month. One time set-up fee of $385 serves as deposit. 

Email Dobermann today and watch your web traffic grow!

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