In essence, what Herr Dobermann created was a responsible, intelligent, solid, well natured, alert and protective companion and partner. Herr Dobermann was pleased with the findings of additional qualities which made his new relationship so unique: aggressive upon command, fearless and the most important trait of all...loyal.


The mission of Marketing Communications (MarComm) is to:

1) invest in a synergistic and cohesive program that will provide a substantial return on investment by reducing overall selling expense;

2) Increase profitability through customer service, quality and identifi- able value, resulting in increased sales.


...imagine, an aggressive partner who is fearless and dedicated to increasing bottom line results.

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In the late 1800s, Herr Louis Dobermann, the local rent/tax collector and keeper of the dog pound created a “man-made” breed of dog. Herr Dobermann, whose duties were not looked upon favorably by the local townspeople, had at his disposal many pure breeds of dog.

The breeds included the: Great Dane, German Shorthaired Pointer, Weimaraner, Setter, Dachshund, German Terrier, Rottweiler and German shepherding dogs of the day.

Dobermann MarComm is committed to ... Bringing More Business to Your Business.

Marketing is a Noun. Selling is a Verb. Without the One, You Cannot Achieve the Other.

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